Arsenis Grocery Store (Naoussa)

In 2015 Theodora Louki turns her idea into reality and in cooperation with her siblings creates in Naoussa of Paros a unique delicatessen which she designed and decorated to her taste.

She travels all over Greece, tries products, forms affiliations and stocks her shop with the best Greek products from northern Greece all the way to Crete.

Theodora Louki grew up in Paros and she is the youngest of 4 siblings. She studied Business Management at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

Arsenis Grocery store at Naoussa of Paros

The warm environment of the ‘arsenis delicatessen’ hosts a plethora of Greek products from the cottage industry in Greece, made without preservatives in the most traditional way from pure, natural ingredients from the Greek land.
Fresh fruits and vegetables, organic fruits and vegetables from her brother’s, Arsenis Loukis, own farms, come to delight with their incredible aroma and vivid colours.
The dried herbs and spices provide an extraordinary sensation from the first moment.
Pulses, hand-made pasta in classic but also more unusual varieties, pure honey, mushrooms and truffles, are only a few of the delicious products hosted in the «arsenis delicatessen».
Sweets, biscuits and treats come to complete the big collection you find in this culinary corner of Paros from which of course Greek cheeses and deli products could not have been excluded!
Graviera Naxou, Pychtogalo Chanion, Krassotyri from Kos, Mastelo cheese from Chios, Ladotyri Mytilinis, and many more labels of Products of Designated Origin, await you to discover them. Combine them with their other half, the deli products, and enjoy special gastronomic moments.
Distilled beverages and aromatic select wines could not possibly be missing from the delicious «company» of the «arsenis delicatessen».

Grocery store with organic products at Paros

And because experiences are better when shared... choose from the special gastronomic arrangements of the «arsenis delicatessen» and offer your loved ones gifts with Greek aroma!

Grocery store with organic products at Paros

"In picturesque Naoussa, the traditional grocery store «arsenis delicatessen», opens its doors ready to take you to a trip into the rich culinary world of Greece and offer you special flavoured moments.

When tradition meets experience in the careful production of quality products of Paros carrying the signature of the renowned Arsenis Loukis...the results are admirable to say the least!"

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