"Our love and passion for the land became a profession"

Arsenis Loukis was born in 1978 and from an early age he discovered the joy he was deriving from working with the land.

Before he even finished High School he knew exactly what he wanted to do. This attraction for cultivating the land was the reason he dedicated himself to the primary sector, at a time when his contemporaries were turning to the tourist industry.

So in 2004 he puts to good use the almost 5 acres of the family land in Marathi.
It is a model vineyard growing the Assyrtiko, Monemvasia, Savatiano and Mandilaria varieties.

In fact, he selected the in-row cultivation system in a region traditionally dominated by goblet-trained vines.

Certified vine yards at Paros
Organic pomegranate trees at Arsenis Farm

The modern machinery and all the necessary equipment support the perfect and systematic cultivations. The wine-producing organic grapes supply 5 wineries in Paros and the Cyclades.

His next step is to plant 3,500 sweet pomegranate trees, by now yielding dozens of tons of pomegranates sold in the market of Paros and the rest of Greece.

Step by step, he brings his dream to life so after this he plants:

  • grape varieties (vaftra, malagousia, moscato, roditis)
  • 8 varieties of fig trees (600 trees)
  • 1,000 citrus trees (orange, lemon, mandarin)
  • 400 roots of caper
  • 60,000sq.m Koroneiki variety olive trees
  • 120 trees of Kalamata early harvest peaches
  • 200 pear trees Kondoula variety
  • 20,000sq.m. of table raisins
  • 6 greenhouses (tomatoes-cherry tomatoes-cucumbers-rocket)
  • 1,300 caper bushes
  • 300 prickly pear plants
  • vegetables in 80,000sq.m.

At the same time he increases the vine production reaching the 100,000sq.m. while he also creates a fruit garden.

The arable land of Arsenis today exceeds the 320,000sq.m. and his products are available in the market of Paros and the rest of Greece. It is worth noting that a large part of his products are grown organically as since 2011 his grapes and vines have the appropriate certifications.

Arsenis never rests! He travels, visits large organised prototype cultivations so he can derive experiences, he is informed about anything that could advance his production and offer quality products.

Arsenis opens the way in the prototype farming of the island without cutting any corners in quality, and he is awarded by the European Union for the organic growing of local products, and also by Rotary International.

The Arsenis farm can be visited by groups after arrangement.

You can find products of the Arsenis farm and other prominent producers in the arsenis Delicatessen and the arsenis Wholesale.

Model cultivation of fruits and vegetables at Paros

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