Arsenis wholesale

Our aim is to serve our customers in their own premises with respect to quality and always at the best prices of the market.

Our top quality products are received and delivered daily so they are available to our customers fresh.

Arsenis, after 20 years in the greengrocery business, knows well the market of Paros and Antiparos. Armed with this knowledge, he established modern and innovative facilities that can meet the needs of the local market promptly. By doing so he filled the gap that existed in the wholesale of fruits and vegetables in the Greek islands.

The arsenis Wholesale is also active in the wholesale business of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Our suppliers are the best Greek producers and commercial companies.

Wholesale of fruits and vegetables at Paros
Wholesale of fruits and vegetables at Paros

Aiming to constantly improve our activities and wishing to always offer the best quality to our customers, we created a vertically intergraded fruit and vegetable packaging plant of over 35 tons of daily capacity of packaged products.

In arsenis Wholesale we undertake the supply of hotels, boats, cafes, catering, restaurants, luxury homes, beach bars..

Our shop, working together with the best producers, makes Greek products known to our island. We try to have products from the field directly in our shop.

How it works

- Orders

Knowing the difficulties and restrictions of your job, we accept orders by phone during 07:30 – 02:30, by fax (24/7) or email (24/7).

- Delivery

We deliver the products to your premises. Delivery is done with open vehicles, depending on the needs of the products.

Having substantial experience in all stages of production, we take care to always provide you with the best products at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, having certified chambers, we gain the trust of more and more customers every day.


Wholesale market of fruits at Paros
Avocado - Kiwi - Pineapples - Pears - vanilla - Grapefruit - Watermelons - Cherries - Mandarins - Apples - Bananas - Nectarines - Melons - Oranges - Grapes - Figs - Pomegranates - Strawberries
Wholesale market for vegetables at Paros
Cabbage - Broccoli - Cauliflower - Eggplants - Tomatoes - Radishes - Salads - Mushrooms - Cucumbers - Peas - Peppers - Zucchinis - Turnips - Chicory - Wild chicory - Spinach - Shallots - Leeks - Onions
Wholesale market for exotic fruits at Paros
Berries - Blackberries – Blueberries - Gooseberries - Limes - Papaya - Golden Berries
Wholesale market for herbs and spices at Paros
Basil - Spearmint - Thyme - Cardamom - Coriandre - Nasturtium - Marjoram - Oregano - Chives
Frozen fruit puree at Paros, by Arsenis
Frozen fruit puree

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